Hi my name is Marylene, thanks for visiting “its Time 4 Prayer”onlineIt’s all about connecting. The connection between God and man.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family who is dedicated to prayer and to God.  My family and I worship twice a day.  We begin the day with worship at 6.30am and close the day with family worship at 8.00 pm  The family that pray together stays together.


We start our day with prayers, praise, scripture reading and end with prayers.  We invite the presence of the Lord in our hearts, ask for His blessings in our lives and our plans for the day. 

As a family, we ask the Lord to keep us safe and to give us the wisdom to manage our affairs as we step into the community.  In so doing, we equip ourselves with power from God, who is our heavenly Father through Jesus to gain victories and overcome weaknesses in our lives.  It also gives us strength to be strong and calm through out the day.

We pray for friends, relatives and the Local Authorities.  God in His grace and mercies have never failed us, and never will.  God can do anything but fail.

As I sat on my bed one morning while meditating and reflection on God’s love, I felt a strong impression on my heart to start a special prayer site.  I thought, Lord what should I call this site? Every name I had on my heart was on search engine except one and that was, its time 4 prayer”

On 12 January 2016, this prayer site was born to the Honour and Glory of God.  He is the Director and Counsellor of this Ministry.

It’s about getting to know God and how special you are to Him.  It doesn’t matter who you are, your race, culture or situations.  God just want you to prosper and be in good health.  He wants to dwell in your heart and to save you.  He wants to give you peace, get rid of your loneliness, relieve your stress, your heartache and your pain.  But you need to respond.  Start by talking to Him.

Image result for humans praying to JesusImage result for humans praying to Jesus

Image result for children praying to Jesus

This site was born for individuals and people like you.  Jesus is meek and lowly in heart.  He loves you with an everlasting love and died to saved you.  COME! He has taken His position.  The Saviour is waiting to hear from you.  Go ahead, talk to Him tell Him all about your troubles, pains, relationship, your school, it does not matter what, just tell Him and see miracles in your life.

Image result for high prist jesus

Please, please don’t just WALK AWAY.  Go to the next page and experience new life and joy today with prayer and with Jesus.


REMEMBER!  Prayer is the key that unlocks all doors
   P  R  A  Y  E  R    W O  R  K  S

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